7 Best Electric Pruning Shears For Gardening

Best Electric Pruning Shears For Gardening
Best Electric Pruning Shears For Gardening

Electric pruning shears can be an excellent investment for anyone looking to make their gardening or landscaping tasks easier and more efficient.

With the right Electric Pruning Shears, you will be able to tackle even the toughest pruning jobs with ease.

The Best Electric Pruning Shears

KOHAM Cordless Electric Pruning Shears
Best Buy Ratings
KOMOK Professional Electric Pruning Shears
OMOLA Electric Pruning Shears
Kebtek Electric Pruning Shears
Dragro Electric Pruning Shears (High Reach)
Scotts Power Pruning Shears
Scotts Outdoor Power Cordless Pruner

1. KOHAM Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

Technical specifications

  • Blade Material: SK5 High Carbon Steel
  • Device Length: 13 In (33 cm)
  • Max Branch Cutting Width: 1 In (2.5 cm)
  • Battery Life: 4-6 hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 1-2 hours
  • Weight: 1.5 lb (0.7 kg)

Koham Electric Pruning Shears are excellent gardening shears with everything you need. These shears are lightweight and have a sturdy handle for easy grip.

The electric pruners have a powerful motor that makes them even more efficient. The top-rated SK5 high carbon steel blade is extra sharp and can cut a wide range of plants.

The LED display helps monitor the cutting status, the number of cuts performed, and the cuts left on the charge.

It comes with two rechargeable batteries, perfect for people who spend a lot of time working in the garden.

Overall, if you want to save time and effort in your garden, KOHAM electric pruning shears with an intelligent LED screen are the right tool for you.


  • Makes strong, quick cuts.
  • Screen display to show the number of cuts.
  • Non-slip ergonomic handle.
  • Two port charger can recharge both batteries at the same time.
  • Two batteries are included.
  • Long-lasting battery.


  • Difficult to find blade replacements.

2. KOMOK Professional Electric Pruning Shears

Technical specifications

  • Blade Material: SK5 High Carbon Steel Coated with Non-stick Resin
  • Device Length: 13.8 In (35 cm)
  • Branch Cutting Width: 1.4 In (3.5 cm)
  • Battery Life: 8-10 hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Weight: 2.6 lb (1.2 kg)

The KOMOK Professional Electric Pruning Shears are great gardening shears for anyone looking for an easy way to get the job done.

Pruners blades are made of sturdy and durable SK5 high-carbon steel that will last many years. It has also been treated with a non-stick coating for easy cleaning and a longer service life.

It comes with two rechargeable batteries that can last 8-10 hours of cutting. The LED digital display shows the current battery charge level.

The batteries can be recharged using the included charging adapter or via the 2-hour fast charging feature. It also comes with a second spare battery.

Shears come with a storage case to keep your device and batteries safe.

Overall, KOMOK professional cordless electric pruning shears are for professionals who want to spend less time doing tedious gardening work. They are very powerful and effortless to use.


  • Ergonomic non-slip handle.
  • 2 rechargeable batteries.
  • LED digital display.
  • Comes in a storage case.
  • Blades are made out of SK5 high-carbon steel coated with a non-stick coating.


  • Heavier than other models.
  • More expensive than other models.

3. OMOLA Electric Pruning Shears

Technical specifications

  • Blade Material: SK5 High Carbon Steel
  • Device Length: 11.5 In (29 cm)
  • Max Branch Cutting Width: 1 In (2.5 cm) 
  • Battery Life: 6-7 hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • Weight: 1.5 lb (0.7 kg)

OMOLA Electric Pruning Shears are well-designed, powerful, and sturdy pruners. These pruners are great for home garden use.

They are compact and lightweight, making them easy to move around.

The blades of these electric pruning shears are made from SK5 high-carbon steel that is strong enough to cut through all types of branches and stems.

The electric pruning shears come with a 2 pack of rechargeable lithium batteries. The charger only takes 1.5 hours to charge the battery.

Also, pruners come with an additional blade as a backup.

Overall, OMOLA Electric Pruning Shears are simple and have everything you will need for home garden pruning. They are reliable and easy to use.


  • Has a safety switch feature.
  • Comes in a storage case.
  • A backup blade and a backup battery are included.
  • Long-lasting battery life.


  • The instruction manual is not clear.

4. Kebtek Electric Pruning Shears

Technical specifications

  • Blade Material: SK5 Japanese High Carbon Steel
  • Device Length: 11.4 In (29 cm)
  • Max Branch Cutting Width: 1 In (2.5 cm)
  • Battery Life: 6-8 hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 1.5 lb (0.7 kg)

Kebtek Electric Pruning Shears are versatile and will prove helpful for all your pruning needs. The blades are sharp and powerful, made out of SK5 Japanese high-carbon steel, so you will get a clean and precise cut.

These shears feature an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to hold during a long day of pruning. It makes it easy to maneuver around the branch without straining your wrists.

The battery charging time is not as quick as other models. You can charge it fully in 3 hours. Battery will last for 6-8 hours, making them perfect for small and big gardens.

These shears come with a led light, making it easier to work in darker places.

Overall, Kebtek Electric Pruning Shears are excellent for beginners and professionals alike. These lightweight electric pruning shears will give you a precise and clean cut every time.


  • It has a long-lasting battery.
  • Has a safety switch.
  • The steel blades are durable.
  • Comes with a storage case.


  • The owner’s manual is not clear.
  • Longer charging time.

5. Dragro Electric Pruning Shears (High Reach)

Technical specifications

  • Blade Material: SK5 High Carbon Steel
  • Device Length: 3.3 ft (101 cm)
  • Extended Device Length: 12 ft (365 cm)
  • Max Branch Cutting Width: 1.2 In (3.0 cm)
  • Battery Life: 6-8 hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • Weight: 8.3 lb (3.8 kg)

The DRAGO Electric Pruning Shears are great if you love outdoor gardening. Tough SK5 high carbon steel blade can easily cut through 1.2 inch (3.0 cm) branches.

The telescopic extension pole can be extended up to 12 feet (365 cm). It provides a comfortable grip, and allows you to trim branches of high trees. The telescopic extension pole can be quickly taken off, and the pruning of branches can resume in a blink of an eye.

The actual pruning shears are lightweight, durable, and easy to use. However, the extension pole adds more weight to the device.

The high-capacity battery provides sufficient power for an extended period. Shears have LED digital display that shows the current battery charge level.

The electric shears have a brushless motor which is more efficient, durable, and long-lasting. It offers a 300% longer lifespan and 50% lower energy consumption than other electric shears.

Overall, DRAGO Electric Pruning Shears is a great tool for pruning and trimming any plants. With a telescopic extension pole, they are perfect for getting up to high branches.


  • Highest maximum branch cutting with.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Long telescopic extension pole.
  • Easy attachment of extension pole.
  • LED digital display.


  • It is expensive.

6. Scotts Power Pruning Shears

Technical specifications

  • Blade Material: Hardened Steel
  • Device Length: 13.2 In (31 cm)
  • Extended Device Length: 10 ft (305 cm)
  • Max Branch Cutting Width: 3/4 In (1.9 cm)
  • Battery Life: 2 hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • Weight: 1.8 lb (0.8 kg)

Scotts Power Pruning Shears are great for those looking to take up the gardening hobby. It is a great tool for pruning trees and shrubs in a small garden.

These pruners have the option to add an extension pole that makes it easier to reach branches of tall trees as high as 10 feet (305 cm). However, the extension pole is difficult to connect and disconnect.

The handle is ergonomically designed for your hands to make it easier to prune. It is also lightweight, making it is easier to maneuver and trim trees, bushes, and other plants.

Overall, Scott’s power pruners are a good choice for people who have small gardens. These pruners provide quality at an affordable price.


  • An extension pole is available (optional).
  • Affordable price.
  • Has a safety trigger.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Compact design.


  • The maximum branch cutting width is small.
  • Short battery life.

7. Scotts Outdoor Power Cordless Pruner

Technical specifications

  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel
  • Device Length: 14 In (36 cm)
  • Max Branch Cutting Width: 1 1/8 In (29 cm)
  • Battery Life: TBC
  • Battery Charging Time: TBC
  • Weight: 3 lb (1.4 kg)

The Scotts Outdoor Power Cordless Pruner is a high-quality tool that will enable you to get your yard in shape quickly and efficiently.

The blade is made out of alloy steel for durability. There is a guard on the handle of this tool for better protection.

It has a 20-Volt 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery that is ideal for pruning. In addition, these pruning shears have a safety trigger.

The handle is ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort. It includes cushioned grip for an effortless trimming experience.

This high-quality, powerful electric pruner will give you great results.

Overall, The Scotts Outdoor Power Cordless Pruner is designed for professional use. However, it is still very effective for home gardeners.


  • Includes fast charger.
  • Powerful.
  • Great for professional use.


  • It is heavy.
  • Only one battery, but additional ones can be bought.

Top Rated Electric Pruning Shears

Best Overall

KOHAM Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

Best Quality Option

KOMOK Professional Electric Pruning Shears

Best Budget Option

Scotts Power Pruning Shears


Why Get an Electric Pruner?

Electric pruners are excellent alternative to manual shears. They have the same function as manual shears but reduce the need for physical exertion and strain on your wrist.

They are especially useful for people who have limited hand strength, arthritis or for professionals who need to make many cuts in a short amount of time.

As with all tools, electric pruning shears have advantages and disadvantages. These are:

Advantages of an Electric Pruner

Less Physical Energy Needed

Electric pruners require less physical energy than manual pruners. As the motor of electric pruning shears does most of the work, it allows to make more cuts with minimum physical effort.

These tools are especially useful for people with limited hand strength or arthritis.

Easy to Use

Electric pruners are easy to use. They have simple controls. Press the button, and the device cuts the plant’s limb.

Some models also have an ergonomic handle or other features to make the device even more comfortable.

In addition, most models come with a safety switch to prevent accidental injuries.


Electric pruners are simply very convenient. They are powered by electricity, so there is no need to input a lot of physical effort that is required when using manual shears.

You can simply insert the battery and start pruning, saving time and hassle.

Precise Cutting

Electric pruners are more precise, which can be especially useful for tasks like shaping hedges or topiary.

The precision of electric pruners will avoid unnecessary plant damage during pruning, which can cause stress to these plants. This will lead to healthier and more attractive plants in the long run.

Disadvantages of an Electric Pruner


Electric pruners will cut every time the button is pressed. Most electric pruners have a safety mechanism. However, there is a risk of accidentally cutting your own fingers.

This can happen if you place your fingers between the blade and the anvil while it is in use or accidentally touch it while it’s moving.


Most electric pruners are more expensive when compared to manual pruners. While they do offer many benefits, you may have to pay a premium price for the convenience and performance of an electric pruner.

Not Rust Proof

Most electric pruners are not rust-proof. Rust can affect the performance and longevity of the tool. So, it’s essential to protect your pruner from rust, such as wiping them down after use and storing them in a dry place.

Some models may be more resistant to rust than others, so it is worth considering this factor when shopping for an electric pruner.

Less Durable

Due to additional electric components, electric pruners are not as durable and long-lasting as manual shears and are harder to maintain.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Pruning Shears

There are several factors to consider when choosing electric pruning shears. These are:

  1. Quality
  2. Safety Features
  3. Blade Material
  4. Cutting Capacity
  5. Ergonomic Design
  6. Weight
  7. Battery Life

1. Quality

When choosing an electric pruning shears, it is crucial to consider the overall quality. This includes the materials used in its construction and the tool’s durability.

High-quality electric pruning shears have to be well-constructed and made with durable materials. This will ensure that they will last longer and be able to handle demanding pruning tasks.

2. Safety Features

Safety features, such as a safety lock or protective blade guard, are essential when choosing electric pruning shears.

These safety features can prevent the blade from accidentally activating or snipping your finger instead of a branch.

3. Blade Material

The blade material can significantly impact the sharpness and durability of the electric shears.

Most blades of pruners are made of carbon steel. This type of steel is stronger, harder, and wears off slower. Shears will stay sharp and resist wear and tear for longer.

A high-quality pruner blade material can easily cut through thicker branches.

Pro Tip: Unfortunately, carbon steel is susceptible to rust. This will require frequent maintenance, which involves cleaning and oiling the tool.

4. Cutting Capacity

It is essential to consider the cutting capacity of electric pruning shears. This refers to the maximum branch thickness that the tool can effectively cut through.

Suppose your branches are bigger than the shears cutting capacity. In that case, they may struggle to effectively prune branches, leading to frustration and possibly even damage the blade.

Pro Tip: The cutting capacity of pruning shears is measured using softwood branches. Since hardwood has a higher density, shears might struggle to cut the same thickness of hardwood branches.

5. Ergonomic Design

Electric pruning shears with an ergonomic design will be more comfortable, especially if you have a lot to prune. Comfortable handle will reduce fatigue and strain on the wrist, making pruning tasks much easier.

6. Weight

Heavy electric pruning shears will be challenging to carry around and maneuver between the branches. Especially if they will be used to prune high trees.

A lightweight tool will be easier to handle and will be less tiring, making the pruning task more efficient.

7. Battery Life

A long battery life allows for extended use without frequent stops and recharges. So, a model with a long battery life will allow you to work for longer without interruption, making the pruning task more productive.

While a model with a short battery life will require an additional battery and frequent recharging. This can be inconvenient and disrupt your workflow.

Pro Tip 1: It is always a good idea for any tool to have an additional battery available. Suppose the battery depletes while you are in the middle of the job. In that case, you can simply replace it and continue your work with minimum interruption.

Pro Tip 2: Avoid pruners (or any other tool) with an integrated battery. If that battery dies, you will have to change your work schedule while it is charging. And as Murphy’s Law goes, the battery will likely deplete at the most inconvenient moment.

Maintenance of Electric Pruning Shears

Proper maintenance of your electric pruning shears is vital to ensure precise cuts and extended tools lifespan.

Regularly cleaning, sharpening, and preventing rust can help ensure that your electric pruning shears continue to perform at their best.


It is important to regularly clean your electric pruning shears to avoid disease transfer from plant to plant. In addition, regular cleaning will prevent rust.

To clean the shears, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove debris or dirt from the blade and anvil using a soft cloth or brush by gently scrubbing. Take care not to damage the blades with a non-stick or antirust coating.
  2. Use a moist cloth to remove tougher dirt. Do not let any water go into the electric parts.
  3. Dry and rub some lubricating oil on the shears before storing them.


Over time, the blade of your electric pruning shears will become dull. To sharpen the blade, you will need a sharpening stone or file.

Begin by placing the sharpening stone or file against the blade at a 20-degree angle and moving it back and forth along the length of the blade. Repeat this process on both sides of the blade until it is sharp and smooth.

Pro Tip: You can also use a universal sharpening tool that will sharpen your gardening equipment, such as hori hori knives, axes, shears, scissors, and other tools that need to be sharp.

Rust Prevention

The blade of pruners will become wet and dirty when in use. If the blade is not maintained, it can lead to the formation of rust.

To prevent the electric pruning shears from rusting, you will need to do 3 simple steps after each use. These are:

  1. Clean
  2. Dry
  3. Lubricate

Simple, right? It is! But, as we all know, we, gardeners, don’t really look after our tools. So, rust will form. When that happens, it is not the end of your tool! You can simply scrub the rust off with fine-grit sandpaper or a wire brush.

Pro Tip: You can also carefully use a white vinegar solution to remove tougher rust stains. However, you have to ensure none of the liquid goes into the tool’s electric parts.

Safety Warning

Electric pruning shears are very sharp and powerful. If they can cut through branches, they can easily cut through your fingers.

There are several safety warnings to consider when using electric pruning shears. The main ones are:

  • Store the pruning shears in a safe place and away from the children’s reach.
  • Keep your hands and fingers away from the blade when pruning.
  • Wear protective eyewear to protect your eyes from debris and branches.
  • Use caution when pruning near power lines or other electrical sources.
  • Use the pruning shears only for their intended purpose. Do not use them for cutting materials other than trees, shrubs, and other plants.
  • Always disconnect the pruning shears from the power source before cleaning or maintenance.

Best Electric Pruning Shears: Frequently Asked Questions

Best Electric Pruning Shears For Gardening FAQ
Best Electric Pruning Shears For Gardening FAQ

Do Electric Pruning Shears Work Better Than Manual Shears?

Yes, electric pruning shears work better than manual shears. They are convenient and efficient. They can save time and effort compared to manual shears, especially for people with hand injuries or arthritis.

Manual shears can still be effective and have some advantages. They are lighter, portable, less expensive, and do not require a power source, so they can be used anywhere.

What Is The Main Difference Between Electric Pruning Shears And Manual Shears?

The main differences between electric pruning shears and manual shears are:

The Power Source – electric pruning shears are powered by electricity, while manual shears are powered by physical force (your hand). So, electric pruners do not require as much physical effort and are more efficient for cutting through thicker or tougher branches than manual shears.

Weight – electric pruning shears are heavier than manual shears.

Price – electric pruning shears are more expensive than manual shears.

How Durable Are The Electric Pruning Shears? Will They Last For Multiple Seasons?

Electric pruning shears can be durable and last for multiple seasons. The durability will depend on a combination of factors, including the specific model, its materials, and the level of maintenance and care pruners receive.

Are Electric Pruning Shears Safe?

Electric shears can cause serious injury if misused, but this is no different from any other power tool. Most electric shears have safety mechanisms in place. However, it is still possible to cut your fingers off or have an eye injury from wood chips or debris if you are not careful.


Electric pruning shears can be a convenient and efficient tool for pruning, especially for large gardens.

When choosing the best electric pruning shears, it is crucial to consider factors such as blade material, branch-cutting width, weight, and battery life. You can ensure fast and effective pruning by considering these factors and selecting a high-quality electric pruning shear.

Hopefully, you got the answer to the best electric pruning shears for gardening. If you enjoyed reading our article, check out other similar articles in our “Garden Tools” section.

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